Ballistics Demo

This Riggs Shield Ballistic Shield was shot with 12 gauge 00 buckshot from 15 feet. The shield had been previously shot three times with .44 Mag. and two times with 00 buckshot


No Penetration.

 (l-r) Riggs Shield shot with 5 each: .44 Magnum, .38, 9mm and .45 ACP rounds. Side view shows all the rounds are contained in the ballistic shield material. The back side of the shot shield shows no penetration. 

Stab Test Demo

This Riggs Shield Ballistic Shield exceeded NIJ Level III stab test in all areas.

Ballistics Report (pdf)


Stab Report (pdf)


Installing the Riggs Shield Ballistic Shield in your vehicle

The Riggs Shield can be installed in any patrol car using the supplied heavy duty Velcro and the universal mount for temporary installations.

For permanent installations, fleet maintainers can use countersunk screws directly into the door panel in less than 10 minutes per shield.

Download the printed installation instructions below or watch the installation video.

Installing Riggs Shield (pdf)