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Unprovoked attacks on police officers are rising. Deputy Robert Riggs saw it firsthand when his partner was ambushed in this patrol car which had armored panels installed on the doors. Fortunately, he survived the attack with bullet wounds to his hand when he tried to protect his face.

FBI STATS: More than half of the officers killed by firearms annually were not wearing body armor when they were slain. Of those who wore vests, most died from head or neck wounds. 


Patented and made in the USA, the Riggs Shield is an NIJ Shot Level IIIa ballistic shield that mounts to the door panel of a patrol car, or in the passenger seat, giving instant access to the shield to protect the head and neck inside the car where you are vulnerable. 


It is designed to stay with you during an altercation of gun shots, punches, stabs, clubs and hand-to-hand self-defense. It gives officers the time needed to protect themselves and deploy the most appropriate use of force. 

Riggs Shield 20 Shot Test - No Penetration


The Riggs Shield is rated to stop up to .44 Magnum 240 grain pistol rounds and exceeded NIJ Level III stab tests in all areas. 

See shot shield - NO PENETRATION.

Watch the video below as the Riggs Shield is shot 20 times - NO PENETRATION.

Large shields are stored in the trunk and are too bulky and heavy to stay with you.

Protect yourself in and out of your vehicle.

There are risks inside the vehicle and out on the street.  Large ballistic shields are  too bulky and heavy to stay with you on patrol, and are inconveniently stored in the trunk.   

This versatile shield quickly deploys in the car for use inside and outside the vehicle to block punches, stabs, clubs and gun shots. At $299, it is 10% of the cost of armored doors. 

Some departments won't permit the shield mount on the door. The Corrections version at $269 has no mount or tabs and can be stored between the front seats, and taken home at the end of your shift.

Clear Identification

Standard imprint

Additional logo imprint

Additional logo imprint


 Purchase price of $299 includes a text imprint with POLICE, SHERIFF, or CORRECTIONS.

Additional logo imprint

Additional logo imprint

Additional logo imprint


For an additional $20, add your department's badge logo. Discounts applied to volume purchases.

Non-lethal self-defense for corrections officers

Non-lethal self-defense for corrections officers

Non-lethal self-defense for corrections officers


The shield also acts as a defensive equalizer in an environment where corrections officers are often unarmed.  

Non-lethal self-defense for corrections officers

Non-lethal self-defense for corrections officers


NIJ Level III and virtually stab-proof. The 16.25 x 8.5" shield weighs only 5 pounds and is very effective in the confined spaces of a corrections environment. 

At $269, it is a life-saving, low-cost shield. for corrections officers or for officers who don't want to mount the shield to the car door.

NEW Civilian Self-Defense Shield


You have a non-lethal option to protect yourself. One that can be an equalizer or strength multiplier. Protect yourself from carjackings, home invasions, and domestic abuse without the fear that children could find this and harm themselves or others. 

And this shield is portable enough to keep in your home, office, car, camper, motorcycle or backpack. 


The Riggs Shield is designed to stay with you during an altercation. And we show you how to get the most out of the shield with a series of simplified self-defense techniques using the Riggs Shield designed by a former law enforcement officer and 5th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts professional.   


The Riggs Shield is a Level IIIa ballistic shield that can absorb up to .44 Magnum 240 grain pistol rounds. It blocks punches, clubs and stabs. This shield is a variation of the patented Riggs Shield designed for law enforcement with the same ballistics.  Officers know that even with armored doors and vests, criminals know they are at risk for head or neck wounds.


The Riggs Shield is 16.25 x 8.5 x 3.25 inches and weighs 5 pounds. The handle has a Picatinny light rail to attach a flashlight (light is not included) and a D-ring to hook to a sling or belt, or hang onto a hook for storage. Unlike body armor that has a limited shelf life and should be replaced after 5 years, this shield is made from safe room materials that stand up to hurricanes and terrorist attacks.


If you block a punch from a suspect, they are likely to injure themselves while you feel very little impact from the force. And if you choose to carry, this shield is designed to block with your left arm and leave your right arm free. 

At $269, this civilian Riggs Shield costs less than lethal options, and provides more peace of mind during an increasingly dangerous time.

The Riggs Shield can save your life.

We have cancelled our onsite training classes due to the Corona Virus. Save $600 and download the training program for FREE. We want you to get the most out of your Riggs Shield - especially now.

This plaque says it all. Our company philosophy exactly.

Woodwork created by Officer Brian Kozera and available at FloriYankeeWC@gmail.com