Deputies get new shields for patrol.

Foundation Donates 60 Riggs Shields

Investigative Reporter looks at the new shields designed to better protect deputies.

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Riggs Shield on the Streets

Riggs Shield Success Stories

How the Riggs Shield helped in actual situations on the streets.

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Riggs Shield for Mobile Police Protection

Thin Blue Line looks at the Riggs Shield

In depth story on the Riggs Shield.

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Blue Lives Radio talks about the Riggs Shield

Randy Sutton, Voice of American Law Enforcement talks to Steve Bush about the Riggs Shield.

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Are Armored Doors the Answer?

Armored Doors Aren't Always The Solution

How $3,000 armored doors did not help when this officer was ambushed.

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Guardian Angel Lights

Safety Lights Help Officers Return Home

Guardian Angel safety lights make officers and K9s visible for up to 2 miles.

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